Legacy Ideals

Many people aspire to making a Legacy-contribution to Life itself.

Mine is to enable ultimate Issue-resolution.

My ideal is to deliver this on a global scale.

The Foundational work was completed quite some time ago.

The aim was to de-facto enable: 'Anyone can Contribute, Everyone can Benefit'.

Extraneous circumstances prevented the Launch.

Now in my later seventies, a 'Phoenix' version is under reconstruction.

It is a true, unparalleled, 'Sleeping Giant' Unicorn project.

Whilst many of the original Foundations remain, everything needs up-dating.

This requires several areas of additional support.

This site provides access to, selected, top-level rebuild start-points.

Interest in helping: ‘Able to Help’.

Background: ‘To DEW’.

Further options: ‘To Explore’.

Available assistance: ‘DEW Help’.


For the widest selection of initial Start-points to this unique initiative, please select: 'Key Links'.